Masters of the Grand Entrance

At Southern Oaks Plantation, we know the importance of a grand entrance! From fireworks to a surprise confetti show – the beginning of your wedding is sure to be a memorable moment!

We believe you should star in your very own fairytale the day of your wedding, and our elite events team will ensure you feel like royalty.

In addition to your guests being greeted with the impressive white columns and grand facade of this Southern Oaks Plantation, we provide a spectacular show unlike any other!

As the guests await the bride’s arrival, the audience quiets as they hear the telling pitter patter of our very own horse drawn carriage. Is there anything more fitting for a bride on her wedding day than greeting her guests in this way?!

Southern Oaks Plantation

The magic doesn’t stop there, as we invite our brand new married couples back into the carriage to circle the entire property before ending right at our front step. You never know – we think you’ll have the perfect views for what comes next!

Southern Oaks Plantation

What else is perfectly paired with a fireworks show other than a traditional New Orleans jazz band to lead your guests into your reception?! There is no better way to begin a party than with a classic creole tune!

Can you imagine that these extraordinary sites are just the beginning of your magical evening at Southern Oaks Plantation? You can guarantee that no detail will be left undone, and our team is dedicated to creating the perfect event for your wedding!

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Southern Oaks Plantation