Celebrating 32 of Years of Southern Oaks Plantation


“We had the presence of mind that it had to be done correctly from the very beginning or we knew it wouldn’t last.” – Bobby Asaro 

“We did the parents’ events, and now they are coming back for their children’s wedding, we just love it! We even had wedding recently and the bride had been a flower girl who sat on our steps, and knew from that day that she would get married here too.” – Sue Asaro 

On Saturday, January 12, 2019 the Asaro family will celebrate their 32nd year in business! With the ever changing scenery of the events in New Orleans, it was important for this family to establish their values and uphold a standard of impeccable customer service that has proven effective over decades of happy couples! Bobby and Sue tell stories of couples pulling them aside at recent weddings to share stories of their own weddings from 12, 15, and 20 + years ago. There was even one wedding in particular where their guest list boasted SEVEN couples that had wed at Southern Oaks Plantation! The stories of family traditions could go on and on, but one of our favorites includes Southern Oaks’ very own, Lauren Burgess. She wed here at the plantation in 2017 after working for the venue for nearly 12 years! Moreover, her mother and aunt had a DOUBLE wedding at the plantation 31 years earlier – what a remarkable family tradition.



We thank you, our supportive clients and happy couples, for being with us over the last three decades! There is nothing we love more than being a part of the most special day of your lives! From a drawing on a napkin to here we are today.. Cheers to the next 32 years and many more!




Bridal Spotlight – Shelita + Michael

Tell us about your engagement!
Every year we attend the Macy’s Tree Lighting in Union Square, San Francisco to kick-off our holidays.  Well this year, Michael upped the ante by surprising me and asking for my hand in marriage.  It was December 24, 2017 Christmas Eve and we were trying to cross the street to head over to the ceremony of lights.  While waiting I can hear the sound of the street musician playing Al Green, “Let’s Stay Together.” I did not pay any attention to what was actually going on, however I realized that Michael disappeared in the crowd.  Now, the light is green and it’s time to cross the street I turned around and did not see Michael next to or behind me, it is because he was down on one knee, smiling, cameras everywhere and asking me to be his wife, singing “Let’s Stay Together.”  I was very surprised, I cried, my heart is racing and my hands were shaking as he placed the ring on my finger.  I lifted him up and placed my face into his chest and I said yes.  The saxophone player is now queued to play, Maxwell’s “Pretty Wings.” The crowd is joyously filming and clapping for the both of us, just unimaginable, what a dream. I will never forget the unexplainable feeling and I will always cherish how he carefully orchestrated such a romantic way to ask me to become his wife.

In your opinion, what is the best characteristic of Southern Oaks Plantation?
The best characteristic of Southern Oaks Plantation is how picturesque it is. The space indoor and outdoor provides plenty of opportunities to capture great bridal photos. The interior of the space feels quaint yet grand. The interior colors, furnishings and light fixtures all richly complement each other. The exterior façade and color of the building is very breathtaking and romantic. The entire grounds are very well kept, it really feels like you are stepping into a fairytale.

What made you select Southern Oaks Plantation as your wedding venue?
My husband and I wanted to select a place that provided both the ceremony and reception at the same location.  We chose Southern Oaks, because they offered both and offer so many more transitional upgrades.  During our search we found that most wedding venues in New Orleans utilized the same space for the ceremony and the reception leaving nothing to the imagination for your guests.  Southern Oaks provided the total opposite and so much more.  I also wanted a traditional yet functional ambiance at the reception.  I did not want to see my guest sitting at round tables waiting to be served and forced to get up and dance.  My husband and I like to work the room at social events and we felt like having more of a social atmosphere works for our guests as well, and Southern Oaks offered this style which executed our vision perfectly.  The expansive New Orleans style menu, the enhancements and the impeccable service up to our wedding day just made every moment like reading a storybook with minimal effort.  My wedding planner, Ebony Pickettay said I was the calmest bride she had ever coordinated a wedding for.  I cannot take all the credit.  I owe it to Ebony and the great coordination of the staff at Southern Oaks.  I selected the perfect venue for a perfect day

What was your favorite moment of the night?
Our favorite moment was when we were escorted to a private room.  There we were greeted by our personal concierge to a table set for 2.  Once seated, the table was filled with all types of delicious cuisine in which our concierge graciously described each item to us.  Our glasses were filled with champagne and once they walked away, we prayed together and was able to take it all in as now Husband and Wife.  The moment was priceless.

What would you say to other brides considering Southern Oaks Plantation as their venue?
If you are looking for the perfect venue that provides exceptional service, great food and a magical evening, Southern Oaks is the place.  From the first phone call up to the last dance, Mr. Bobby and his gracious staff handled my guests and the entire wedding party like royalty.   Every question I had regarding my wedding was answered, this venue provides everything and they do not try to upsell you on items…If you are a destination bride, no worries, they even have items in house for you to use, that way you are not shipping a lot of what nots or just in case you forget something they already have it in their inventory at no charge to use.  There are no hidden fees, upcharges or surprises.  Well, the surprises are what your guests will experience.  My wedding was Magical, Grand and Royal.  Everything was smooth and effortless, the staff operates this place like a well-oiled machine.  There is no running around, no one is confused and you, the wedding party and family members are assigned a concierge that ensures your culinary/drink needs are met.  The Food:  It is not your typical wedding plate of chicken, fish or buffet.  This place provides a Taste of New Orleans, I mean your guest will not stop talking about what they ate, how good the food was and how much food was being passed.  Amazing flavors and a huge variety.  There is no waiting, once the reception starts the food is being passed, this style was great because it also eliminated the hassle of seating charts, open seating was also another reason I loved this place.  Enhancements:  I chose to have a New Orleans Style Brass Band, Horse and Carriage, Carving Station and Fireworks, which made it a very grand time, my guest were over-stimulated with surprises.

This place is gorgeous on the inside and outside, the pictures on their website are nice, however this place is much more impressive in person. Your guest can sit outside and enjoy the cafe tables around the pool where the music from inside is piping outside for their enjoyment. Your wedding at this place really raises the bar. Cut the Check!! 


Photographer: Kate Bunny Hampson, San Francisco

Florist:  Steve Baker, New Orleans

Dress Salon: Kingsley James

Tuxedo/Suit Shop:  Tuxedos2Geaux, New Orleans

Videographer: BHawk Videography

Planner: Ebony Pickettay, Addictive Events

Southern Oaks Plantation’s Serene Outdoor Setting



It is no secret that Southern Oaks Plantation is known for the grand facade of our antebellum home, but another (just as beautiful space) is also available for all of our couples! Beyond the reception space lies our sprawling grounds including the stable, pool, and outdoor fireplace to create a new and unique atmosphere!


Not only is this space the perfect spot to breathe a bit of fresh air, but provides a more serene space perfect for a plethora of our enhancements. It features its very own sound system, and can easily accommodate a smaller brass band or a string quartet.

Have you heard of all our available enhancements? From the famous Lucky Dog Hotdog stand to our Plum Street Snowball Stand (perfect for summer!) to our Drago’s Chargrilled Oyster Stand – this space is the perfect arena to showcase these delicious New Orleans’ classics! It also is the perfect way to surprise your guests with another layer of your amazing reception – in addition to the 80 menu items we offer at every single reception!

It also is where our famous “LOVE” sign is perched, which provides the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous photo for our couples, and their guests!



While we absolutely love the famous backdrop of Southern Oaks Plantation, our outdoor space is just another wonderful addition we are able to offer all of our couples! We think you will love it as much as we do!


Timeless Glam Wedding at Southern Oaks Plantation


Lisette shared her wedding details that began with a true New Orleans style engagement – right before a Mardi Gras Ball! We can’t think of a more enchanting way to begin their love story! Their destination wedding was filled with gorgeous details, from the sparkling bridesmaid dresses to the dapper groomsmen in suspenders! The bride was absolutely stunning in a timeless wedding dress and birdcage veil! This timeless glam wedding will never go out of stye!


Tell us about your engagement.

My Husband and I traveled to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras with our family, it was my first time ever attending Mardi Gras. The night of The Zulu Ball, waiting for family to leave, my now Husband proposed to me with a gold coconut that said “Liz, I Love You! Will You Marry Me?” Of course I said, “yes!” After the proposal we went to the Zulu ball and had a blast enjoying our engagement!


What made you select Southern Oaks Plantation as your wedding venue?

One of my family memebers that live in New Orleans recommended Southern Oaks Plantation to my husband and I after we got engaged. They told us the venue was a great place and we would love it, so I made an appointment and we ended up loving it!




What was your favorite moment of the night?
I have TWO favorite moments! My first favorite moment was when I rode in the 1954 Rolls Royce as my entrance into the ceremony – I felt like a true princess once I came out of the car and walked down to my Prince! The second moment was the Traditional New Orleans Second Line, it was amazing, and my guests raved about how much fun they had.



– Are there any other vendors you’d like to mention in this feature?

Ringletts Salon (Hair Stylist) & GlamByAmandalee (Make-Up Artist). Ringletts Salon did an awesome job with my hair and bridesmaids’ hair. I showed them a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like and they made me look like a princess. Glam By Amanda Lee made me and my bridesmaids look flawless and I would recommend them both to future brides.



Was there a particular staff member at SOP that really stood out to you?

Lauren, the wedding coordinator at Southern Oaks Plantation, stood out to me because she answered all my question from the beginning process of my wedding until the end. I felt comfortable and secure that my special day would be great and it was! Lauren made sure I was stress free on my wedding day!!!


-What would you say to other brides considering Southern Oaks Plantation as their venue?

SOP is a great place to have your wedding, especially if it’s a destination wedding and your guests have never been to New Orleans. Every aspect of the venue is breathtaking, from the moment you enter the property to the inside of the venue. I recommend brides visit and then you’ll immediately see what we have seen and loved about Southern Oaks Plantation.


Photographer: Scott Myers Photography
Florist: Rouses Market Florist
Dress Salon: Wedding Atelier NYC \ Designer – Martina Liana Dress
Tuxedo/Suit Shop: Menswear House
Bakery: La Louisiane Bakery

Bridal Spotlight: Kiara + Ryan

We are so thrilled to share this Southern wedding! With a romance that started in 7th grade, and the dream of getting married at Southern Oaks Plantation from the moment she spotted the venue in a magazine, its no surprise Kiara and Ryan’s wedding was filled to the rim with stunning details, so full of love!

– In your opinion, what is the best characteristic of Southern Oaks Plantation?
The best characteristic of Southern Oak Plantation is that its an all inclusive venue. My husband and I are from Baton Rouge but we love New Orleans and wanted somewhere that offered everything, that way we wouldn’t have to travel back and forth to meet with so many different vendors. Southern Oaks goes above and beyond with everything they offer. A lot of venues advertise that they are all inclusive, but in reality, they aren’t. Southern Oaks literally took care of everything for us! Even the week before the wedding when we came to the meeting, some things that we were going over I had totally forgotten about, but they made sure to let me know not to worry, and they’d take care of it.
Southern Oaks Plantation

-What made you select Southern Oaks Plantation as your wedding venue?
I selected Southern Oaks in my mind before I had even stepped foot on the property, LOL. I had seen the venue in a NOLA bride magazine and I immediately fell in love! The way the building was lit up at night and the ambiance that just oozed from the page was just simply breath taking. When we came to tour the venue it just sealed the deal. It was everything I imagined and more. Everything looked EXACTLY like the pictures. Nothing was misleading or deceptive. The venue was set up as if the staff was waiting for a wedding party to arrive. It was just amazing.
Southern Oaks Plantation

-What was your favorite moment of the night?
I have 2 favorite moments of the night. My first moment was when Mr. Bobby came to me a few moments before it was time to head out and walk down the aisle, and he asked me if I had ever ridden in a Rolls Royce, and I said no. He then asked “Well do you want to ride in one tonight?”. I literally lost it! I had never had someone who wasn’t family or a friend ever do something so nice for me before. My friends and family still rant and rave over how special that moment was. No one knew I be making my grand entrance in a vintage Rolls Royce. Everyone keeps saying how it looked like a scene out of a movie. My second favorite moment was the surprise second line the staff had planned for us after the bridal party recessional. It was magical!! The music was great, the beautiful umbrellas they handed me and my husband to dance with, the handkerchiefs they passed out to my bridal party, the confetti that came streaming down out of no where! It was a moment that I will NEVER forget.
Southern Oaks Plantation

– How did you and your partner meet?
Ryan and I met initially in 7th grade. We went to the same middle school, and had maybe 1 or 2 classes together. We weren’t friends per say, but we knew each other. We went to different high schools and didn’t see or speak to each other after middle school. We ran into each other again in March of 2012 at a night club and 4 years later he proposed to me on Christmas Eve in front of my mom and our son and the rest is history.
Southern Oaks Plantation

– What would you say to other brides considering Southern Oaks Plantation as their venue?
I would tell brides considering Southern Oaks that choosing them as their venue would be the best decision they could ever make! They will take care of everything and leave you with nothing to worry about. The staff is amazing and will cater to you from the time you pull onto the property, until the time they help you in the car to leave. You wont regret booking Southern Oaks! Trust me!
Southern Oaks Plantation

Southern Oaks Plantation

Southern Oaks Plantation

Southern Oaks Plantation

Simplify Your Wedding Planning and Focus on the Magic

If you are like many brides, you have had an idea of what your wedding will look like since your were a little girl. You can see the flowers and the dress, and you know what music you want playing during the ceremony and the reception. What you probably did not see was the stress and frustration that many brides face when trying to navigate an overwhelming number of details, options, and packages.

Some of the stress is created by the anticipation itself and the knowledge that you have only one chance to get everything right. Then there’s the accompanying drama of dealing with family and friends who all have great intentions but fail to understand that they are not actually helping you. Frustration mounts, and you wonder where all the joy went.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

While we can’t change the troublesome family members or help you decide on bridesmaids, we can help de-clutter your planning process. At Southern Oaks Plantation, we offer a simple pricing and planning structure to create magical celebrations. We believe your wedding should be a memorable, stress-free experience. That’s why we avoid complicated per-person cost structures and multiple packages that just result in decision fatigue.

This simplified approach begins with our catering. Not only do we provide an unrivaled culinary experience and true “Taste of New Orleans,” we also use a cocktail-style menu with over 80 items available and included in every celebration. There’s no need to worry about complicated menus or meal preferences.

Whether you would like us to host just your reception or your ceremony as well, we have an experienced staff of wedding professionals who will help coordinate the entire event. We provide an array of in-house amenities from candle-lit centerpieces and an open bar to personalized music from our Disc Jockey and personal attendants and a private meal for the bride and groom.

We also offer several enhancements that can make your wedding a truly unique experience. Just a few options include a horse-drawn carriage, a New Orleans Jazz Band, fireworks, sushi chef, and carving stations, among others.

Planning your wedding should be exciting and magical, not stressful and disappointing. Contact us today to discuss how Southern Oaks Plantation can remove that stress and ensure that your wedding is the fairy tale you always dreamed of.