Bridal Spotlight – Logan + William

– In your opinion, what is the best characteristic of Southern Oaks Plantation?
Easy: everything! Southern Oaks Plantation seems like something out of a dream! The staff, the entire staff’s attention to detail was unmatched. All my emails were answered before I hit send, on my wedding night diddn’t have to think considering everything was already taken care of! The venue, I fell in love with the neutral color palette. It seemed everything was decorated exactly how I what I have designed it on my own. The ambiance, the lights in the trees from the candlelights throughout the space created the most enchanting aesthetic!

– What made you select Southern Oaks Plantation as your wedding venue?
From the moment I drove up to Southern Oaks, the venue just took my breath away. Once I stepped inside, my decision was made. I loved the decor, but I knew after my initial meeting with Stacey that we were going to be taken care of extremely well. Being in the wedding industry, I knew I had high expectations, but each one was exceeded in every day. She answered all of my millions of questions with patience and understanding, and seemed willing to go above and beyond any detail I requested. I loved that every aspect of my wedding was going to be taken care of, from my linens to my champagne flutes. It seemed all of my wedding stress started to melt away as soon as I booked Southern Oaks!

– What was your favorite moment of the night?
The whole night was perfect, but I have to say the moment the fireworks went off I felt like I was in a dream. I was not expecting all of our guests to be excitedly waiting for us on the steps, and as soon I turned around the most incredible fireworks show began! Fairytale music played, we were surrounded by our closest loved ones, and I was the happiest I had ever been! Our guests still talk about this moment, and how amazing it was!

– Is there a particular staff member that really stood out to you?
The entire staff was more than accommodating, I don’t think I ever took two sips of my drink before it was immediately refreshed. I truly didn’t have to think about ANYTHING the entire night, as the staff ran the event perfectly. However, one memory that really shines is at the end of the evening as I was thanking Mr. Bobby for a perfect evening, I accidentally spilled a little champagne on my hand. He ran off, and came right back with a wet napkin and dry napkin so I wouldn’t be sticky. I can’t imagine being treated more like royalty anywhere else!

– What would you say to other brides considering Southern Oaks Plantation as their venue?
There is no doubt in my mind that I picked the perfect place for our wedding. When it is the most special day of your life you want to be treated as so, and the incredible staff of Southern Oaks Plantation will go beyond your wildest dream in ensuring that happens. I was beyond impressed with every detail, and you will absolutely feel like all of your wedding dreams have come true! I can say without question that Southern Oaks Plantation is the best venue in New Orleans!

Photographer: Sonia Savio Photography
Florist: Poppy + Mint Floral Company
Dress Salon: Town and Country Bridal
Tuxedo/Suit Shop: John’s Tuxedo
Videographer: Bower Productions
Bakery: Frosted Fantasies by Nikki
Makeup: Ashley Sievert Beauty
Hair: Salon Stephano
Band: Dat Band

Passion Makes Perfect

Mr. Bobby, along with his father Mr. Eddie Asaro showcasing the elite fleet of Southern Oaks Plantation!

If you’ve ever been to Southern Oaks Plantation, you know that the brains behind the operation belong to none other than Mr. Bobby Asaro. You may have also recognize the face of a friendly gentlemen, Mr. Eddie, who can frequently be seen helping out in a number of ways, including welcoming each guest into Southern Oaks. Rarely do you find the owner of a wedding venue present at nearly every single event, but Mr. Bobby’s mission is to ensure every detail is up to his standard of perfect. For him, Southern Oaks is less of a business and more of a passion. But this passion of entrepreneurship and desire for the highest of standards has been his destiny dating back to a time before he was even born.

Southern Oaks Plantation
Vito Asaro, along with his father Giovanni Asaro and another employee at Royal Cedar Works.

Mr. Bobby’s entrepreneurial story began in 1921 with his grandfather, Vito Asaro, and father Eddie Asaro. Vito was a first generation immigrant from Italy, that successfully owned and operated “Royal Cedar Works” from 1921-1954. Royal Cedar Works was a custom cedar chest company that specialized in providing “hope chests” to newly engaged or soon to be engaged women. These chests were a must have for any woman recently betrothed, as the chest represented her new married life. Royal Cedar Works made countless brides’ wishes come true with their handmade, custom designed chests. The chests were made of Tennessee Red Cedar, hand sanded and finished with two coats of shellac, and two coats of varnish for a “high gloss” effect that was highly admired by the customers of their time. Every single chests was always inspected by Vito himself, and hand stamped with his initial, truly giving his seal of approval!

Mr. Eddie and several of his cousins gather for a parade on Mardi Gras Day on Royal Street.

Mr. Eddie has fond memories of how his father’s store shaped the history of the French Quarter. Set among antique stores and jewelry stores, this shop stood out. The dust from the chests would pour out onto the streets, and draw in customers with the fresh wood smell. Back in this time, Mardi Gras floats would roll down Royal Street and Mr. Eddie and his family would have front row seats to the carnival! Their family of seven would sit out to enjoy parades with neighboring businesses owners and customers!

This Royal Street staple became a destination for brides and grooms, as it was nestled right next to a jewelry store. The happy couple would select their jewelry and walk right next door where the bride would select the perfect chest, and the soon to be groom would purchase it. While Vito enjoyed the craftsmanship of the chests, Mr. Eddie truly enjoyed the customer service aspect of the family business. He was quite a skilled salesman, and remembers selling chests to 9 out of 10 customers that visited the shop! At only 14 years old, he was a natural people person and loved interacting with all of his customers. A quality that still shines through today with the couples of Southern Oaks!

Southern Oaks Plantation has been in business for 30 years, and Mr. Eddie is the fabric that has weaved this family business together. He’s never met a client who didn’t become a friend, as building relationships is truly his specialty! This heritage is ever present today as Bobby and Sue work hand in hand in creating that magic of Southern Oaks, along with their daughters.

Bobby and Sue Asaro along with their daughters at Southern Oaks Plantation.

As Vito Asaro was extremely detailed and ran Royal Cedar Works with the highest of standards, its evident why Mr. Bobby shows the same attention to detail. The passion for creating memorable events with first class service for brides and grooms has been prevalent for nearly a century! Since the 1920’s the Asaro Family has impacted the lives of countless couples through their dedication to perfection.

“You will only reach great success with your family by your side, because you can always depend on them . No matter what.” – Mr. Eddie Asaro

Mr. Eddie pictured with an original Royal Cedar Works hope chest. Take notice of the image of Southern Oaks Plantation right above!