The Architecture of Southern Oaks Plantation

“Old World Charm, Modern Glitz” is how Biz New Orleans described the property of Southern Oaks Plantation.

Built in 1965, and antebellum in style, our grounds are far from antiquated.

Antebellum is a popular style home, and inspired by the Greek Revival architecture. Some key features that characterize an antebellum home are grand columns, large sitting areas in front of the home, a center entrance, and evenly spaced windows. While most homes of this style were built prior to the civil war, some homes, including Southern Oaks Plantation, were built based on the inspiration of these style of homes.

Rarely do you find such a traditional style space with such modern amenities: including custom LED lighting throughout, contemporary decor, and a vibrant spirit that radiates from the twinkling lights to the professional staff. We continue to get asked how we’ve remained successful through the 30+ years we have been in business, and the answer is attention to detail. We want our guests to feel as something from the moment they step foot onto the sprawling grounds of Southern Oaks Plantation. We have made many (MANY!) updates and renovations throughout the years, and we continue to strive for perfection.

Mr. Bob, owner of Southern Oaks Plantation, explains “I once was on a cruise where I noticed a team of men painting the boat from front to back. I was so interested in the work they were doing, I struck up conversation. The mentioned that as soon as they finish painting the entire boat, they begin again.” Because, the level of perfection they hope to achieve is continuous, and that is exactly the motto of our venue!

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Cheers to 30 more years!

Take a glimpse into the past of Southern Oaks!